About Sharon Knight

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Sharon's interest in art began with her father, who was a talented artist in his own right. As a child, Sharon would watch him draw images of lifelike horses in pencil sketches,"just doodling," as he called it. She would then take his sketches and try to copy them freehand.

Through time, she grew in ability and knowlege, experimenting with various art mediums from crayons, to pencil, pastel, water colours, and oils. She then found a landing with acrylics for many years. She began to sell art in her mid teens, detailed line art with tecnical illustration ink pens, and also portraits of show horses done in acrylic paintings. Upon graduating high school, she was fully involved in the world of airbrushing vans and bike tanks. She finally came to the world of Prisma Colours, and has been in love with the medium ever since. She uses them almost exclusively now for colour art, along with pencil and ink.
Sharon is entirely self taught, with no schooling in art, though she has admired and studied the paintings in books and museums of painters such as Rosa Bonheur, Rembrandt, Ruebens, Leonardo Da Vinci,and others. Her aim has been to specialize in dramatic action and behavior of wildlife and domestic animals.
Artist Sharon Knight